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The little VIXEN is back and she's cocked, locked, and loaded...with sperm that is. Yes, one of the most sought-after female models from Creampie Thais is right where I left her. Lying back spread eagle on the bed dripping the largest load from the most precious little cunt in Thailand. My teen goddess just loves to please Daddy and today is no exception. My emo teen doll is dreamy to look at and devilish to fuck. I slowly ease my hard cock into her silky womb, then thrust my hard-on deep into her cherished pussy until I climax with an enormous burst of cum. Watch the most famous Walking Street hooker get fucked and filled with a sea of baby making sperm.

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Slender Thai babe filled with spunk two times

It's late, like super late. No scratch that, it's fucking morning and I'm immersed in the depths of a discotheque filled with a sea of pussy. There's so much hot ass that I can't decide who to approach, that is until 22-year-old Bli walked in. Bli is no ordinary bar girl looking for a trick. Bli and her group of "super friends" are high-end freelancers who generally have several sponsors allowing them to enjoy their endless party nights. I knew the type of girl Bli was so I knew exactly how much to offer her. She declined after my first offer, but I gave it another shot. This time the price was right and when the sun began to rise in my hotel room, the after-hours party began. I fucked the sh,it out of Bli's pussy and unloaded my seed deep into her pussy...twice.

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Funneled my entire load down to her vaginal opening

I was horny as fuck one afternoon so I strolled down to Soi 6 to pick up a Thai fuck doll. After a minute of searching, I came upon 20-year-old Ivy who was strutting her stuff in front of her bar. I asked if she wanted to go short time at my place and she said "Yes". After our shower, Ivy didn't waste any time. She climbed on the bed and started sucking me hard. I turned her around and sank my cock right into her dripping snatch doggie style. I then flipped her over and continued drilling her bald pussy missionary before finally pulling out and dousing her entire smooth snatch with pure white cum. I then funneled my entire load down to her vaginal opening and scooped it all back inside for a full creampie. Finally, I stuck my sticky sperm fingers into Ivy's mouth so she could taste my potent cum. Soi Six never fails!

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There's a party in Gail's pussy, and everyone is cumming

My Thai teen nympho is back for another roll in the hay. 19-year-old Gail has gigantic titties and is one of my favorite models of all time. Perhaps it's her adorable teen face, or her huge boobies that keeps me around....or maybe it's her festive pussy. There's something about Gail's cunt that makes my cock feel like it has VIP passes to Creampieland. Maybe I fuck skinny bitches too much and they lack the silky flesh inside their vaginal walls. Gail has a wonderful pussy and the fact she lets me reach full orgasm inside her every time is simply sensory bliss. Gail knows I'm a fan of school-girl outfits, so she wore a plaid mini skirt and half cut top revealing her enormous juggs. I was completely hard during the photo session and couldn't wait to be buried inside her body. Once we finally went at it, I didn't last long. I shot the biggest load of sperm deep inside Gail's hole. There's a party in Gail's pussy, and everyone is cumming.

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TiTTiPORN Fun Bags Shag

I was at the market today which is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and I usually go to get some food and maybe shopping. The shopping is the best on Saturday as more vendors arrive and there are more options for clothing. The prices for clothes in the Thai market are very cheap so I tend to buy something every time I go. Today I was looking at a lingerie shop when an older foreign man happens to walk by. He was in his late 40's and stopped in his tracks to stare at me. At that moment I was holding up a purple bra to my chest to see it's size when the man said to me that he liked it. I wasn't expecting that comment from a total stranger so it made me blush. He then came into the shop and asked if I wanted it. I said I wasn't sure but I did like it. Then he said he would buy it for me if he could see me wear it. I scowled and thought to myself how I can buy my own clothes, and it's not expensive so why would I need to give a free show for such a little price. But then he said how beautiful I was and that he was joking about seeing me wear it. He said he just wanted to buy something beautiful for someone beautiful. Awww, that stole my heart so I agreed to his offer and said Thank you. When we exited the stall I said, if you want to see how it looks on me, follow me back to my apartment.

The guy whose name is Roger, by the way, was in shock, as I don't think he was expecting me to say that. So within minutes, we were back at my apartment. I told him to wait on the bed while I went into the bathroom to change. When I came out I was wearing my brand new purple bra and pantie set and high heels. Roger was on the bed and he was already stroking his hard cock. This guy must really be horny. When I came over to the bed, I immediately started taking off my lingerie and he reached up and played with my boobs. His white cock was fully erect and I started stroking it nice and softly. Then I bent forward and put it right into my mouth. Mmmm it felt good to have a cock to suck on. It's been a while and I was definitely in the mood for sex.

Roger was now throbbing and I wanted to put his cock inside me before he came. So I stopped sucking and climbed over his body, and sank his cock right into my wet pussy. Ohhh this feels so good. I leaned forward and started kissing Roger deeply. I rocked my hips back n forth allowing my tight pussy to grip and stroke his penis. We were very horny and suddenly without notice, Roger's body tensed up and his cock started bursting hot cum inside my vagina. Only one position and this guy was already flooding my pussy with his potent cum. I could feel jet after jet of sperm hitting my walls as my body continued to rock back n forth. Finally, he groaned and his body went soft. I lifted my pussy off of his soft cock and felt globs of semen drip from my pussy. It was very intense, short, but intense. Roger apologized for cumming so fast and said that I turned him on so much. He said he wasn't expecting this and was sorry for nutting inside me. I said it was okay and thank you for the matching bra set. We both got dressed and Roger left. I went to my bed and played with my pussy until I came myself which didn't take long at all. So I guess I can't blame the guy. When you're gonna blow, you're gonna blow.

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I blast off my entire load deep inside Oah's flawless pussy

As the nightlife in Thailand continues to grow, the land becomes more valuable leaving the famous beer bars struggling to stay afloat. I love the beer bars because the te-kill-ya and bar fines are cheap, and the girls are still young and naive. On occasion I find myself smack-dab in the middle of a beer bar plaza, playing pool, buying tequilas, and scouting for my next model. On this particular night, I discovered a 21-year-old newbie with a nice smile, long legs, and a hairless box. Oah's pussy is well maintained having only spent 4 days in downtown Bangkok. She's excited to be here but desperate for her first customer. Oah's mouth felt amazing. She's had sex before and even prides herself on giving blowjobs. But she's never had sex without a condom. She's nervous to try, but I convince her that everything will be alright. Meanwhile, I'm ecstatic inside since this experience is like fucking a virgin for the first time. To be the first unprotected cock to slide flesh to flesh inside her vaginal walls is a dream come true. The excitement is unbearable and after a short and sweet fuck, I blast off my entire load deep inside Oah's flawless pussy.

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TiTTiPORN Pussy and Pillows

One of my fans recently got the thrill of a lifetime. He's been talking with me for over a year and he spends lots of money on me in my cam shows. So it's only fair that I give him lots of extra attention when he's online. Well, we've been getting to know one another and he happened to have made plans to visit Thailand where I live. After a long thought, I caved in and decided to meet him in person. I was quite nervous because even though I've seen him on our cam chats, I still wasn't sure if he was tall or short or whatever. I don't know I'm just weird I guess. I was just nervous because we knew each other but never met. When the day came for his arrival, I made my decision to give him the ultimate fantasy and fuck him. I don't know, he's a really nice guy, not bad looking, and he's been so supportive in my cam chats giving me lots of good reviews and ratings. I think I owe him at least a hand-job. So when Justin opened the door and saw me standing in only bra and panties, he instantly smiled. I slowly stripped naked and made a nice sexy show for him on the bed. His cock was out and he was jerking his meat as I arched my back and spread my legs wide open. Anytime he wanted, I was ready. Then I felt his tongue touch my vagina, and his lips followed. He tongued my opening and spread my pussy open to going in further. Shock waves of ecstasy shot through my body and my nipples hardened like never before. Jason was excellent at cunnilingus and my pussy was now craving his rigid tool to enter me. But first he needed to get a feeling of my expert fellatio so I took his raging boner into my mouth and began sucking the helmet nice and slow, twirling my tongue around his head. His body instantly started humping my mouth and my strokes matched his which must have given him the best feeling. He then lied back on the bed and I mounted him in cowgirl position. My pussy finally being rewarded with a handsome, fully erect cock. I eased down nice and slow feeling every inch penetrate my inner walls and stretching me open. It was big but not too big. There were twinges of pain but in a good way. Once my pussy had reached the bottom I began to lean forward making my pussy to release his cock. This motion of rocking back n forth lasted for minutes as we both enjoyed the feeling of fucking someone sexy, someone strange, someone new. Jason rolled me over on all fours and entered me again, this time with him in control. I can only arch my back and aim my ass up for him to grab as he shoves his big cock inside me. Doggie style is the ultimate get fucked position. Nothing more submissive than letting someone who you can see bend you over and just fuck you like a dog. I guess that's why the position is so popular. It's just raw and dirty. And Jason was no stranger to fucking girls Doggie because he knew how to fuck me and fuck me good. We fucked in several other positions before Jason finally feeling the need to cum, shot off inside my wet tight hole. He cum was massive and he shot most of it into my cervix. It was so much I was afraid of pregnancy as I'm not on any form of birth control. I suppose I wouldn't mind getting knocked up by this guy as he seemed very nice. When he pulled out I tried to let it drip out but I think it was all buried too deep. Oh poor Jason, you might be a Daddy soon.

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Unleashed the entire contents of my nut sack deep inside her receptive cunt

Amazing. Incredible. Astounding. How is it that this girl is single and not married yet. Meet 20-year-old Faw. Of course, she's from some up-country farm village, but that doesn't matter does it? Look at that body! No seriously, look at it. After you join, check out photo #50 and tell me you would want to just fall into that each and every night. Docile, submissive, receptive, what more does a man need? She cooks you dinner, she cleans you, she blows you, and most importantly, she lives to be bred by your man seed. She is the ultimate creampie fan and she can be all yours for the price of that shitty Malibu in your garage! You're never going to restore that bucket of bolts. Sell it and buy a ticket to Thailand. What? No dice? Fine...leave it to me to do the dirty work. I bar fined Faw, took her to my place, dolled her up in a plaid school-girl mini skirt, and fucked her bald pussy bareback. She rode me, I rode her, and finally, I unleashed the entire contents of my nut sack deep inside her receptive cunt. You wax that Chevy and I'll wax that ass!

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She works on Soi 6 where she lets men cum inside her daily #Thai

There's nothing like a seasoned hooker! You know, the kind of whore who has been around since the dawn of prostitution. Meet Veteran cum releaser and soi six professional, Pume. This girl has worked the infamous Pattaya short time street for nearly seven years and has mastered the craft of getting guys off in under 15 minutes. Do the math, that's like six short times an hour. But Pume isn't stupid, in fact, she's quite smart. She knows the ropes and I didn't have to tutor, train, or even direct this diva. She said she had been in porn movies before and knew exactly what to do. I explained that I would be cumming inside her and she said it wasn't a problem. That still blows my mind. Imagine, a Thai girl as hot as Pume receiving unprotected loads from strangers in today's day and age. That's so frick'n hot! So lights, camera, action and we were off to the climax of the week. Pume rocked my world sucking my cock like a ho, riding my boner like a pro, and begging for me to cum inside her cunt with the fattest load my cock could deliver...And all in under 15 minutes!

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Gogo dancer fucked raw in hotel room and creampied doggystyle #Thai

You know the feeling. You're walking down the street, trying to avoid the food carts and flower vendors when suddenly you stop in your tracks as you see a half naked teen body poking herself out of a GoGo bar. The doormen immediately see the drool dangling from your open mouth and swarm around you hoping to lure you in the bar so they can receive their 20 baht commission. As the Thai guys pushed me to the entrance, my eyes were locked on 19-year-old Sitlanee, the GoGo's newest teen showgirl. She smiled at me, took my hand, and led me to the darkest corner of the bar. The Mama-San handed me a card that said "Bar Fine 600bt - Boom Boom 1500bt". I immediately handed over my money and within a few minutes, we were out the door. Sitlanee was super cute and when she finally got undressed in the room, I knew I hit the jackpot. White skin, big tits, and a pussy so precious that I actually ate it. Yup, first time on Creampie Thais I dive into some pussy and licked it clean. I then sank my cock into her dripping snatch and fucked her in several positions before finally shooting my wad deep into her cunt doggie style.

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Thrust your cock and shoot cum inside this Pretty Thai girl

Jang has an amazing ass! And for the right price, she'll let you rub it, slap it, lick it and slam it. I had some extra change in my pocket so I invited Miss Ass-a-lot over so I could hit it and quit it. Her delicious buns fit perfectly around my Vienna hot d,og and her perfect set of C cup tits and hairless pussy made me cum in no time. Jang made her first appearance at ThaiGirlsWild.com where she received her very first creampie and also at SubmitYourThai.com where she takes a huge shot of jizz right into her mouth. Since then, she has definitely made her rounds. I can only imagine how many loads have been dumped inside her teen body since her videos launched. Her fan base is huge and her schedule is booked so if you want to inseminate this gorgeous Thai girl, you better act now because she won't be around long. I'm sure there's some dude already working on a Visa for her so he can take her back to his home country and fill that pussy up nightly with his middle-aged gunk-spunk. Lucky bastard!

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Squirt loads of hot cum inside this amateur Asian girl #Thai

Music a-blaring, old men a-staring, lights a-strobing, and fingers a-probing....hairless teen vaginas that is. Oh, those were the good ole days at Shark's aGoGo in Pattaya. You could easily find a teen dream and finger-bang her little cunt between her stage sets while sipping back some cheap Tiger beer or their awful 2 for 1 gin & tonics. Shark was the shiz-nit back then, and that's where I saw Meaw for the first time. How can you pass on a girl with a petite frame and such an interesting tattoo? I remember wanting to buy her a drink, but by the time I motioned for the mama-san, Meaw was already under the arm of a sloppy old gent with a grin the size of Jomtien beach. Well, you don't lose the girl, you just lose your turn. Fast forward many years later and Meaw is now fully naked in front of me and I'm about to dive balls deep into her seasoned cunt. She has some miles on her, but I'm not one to pass up Thai pussy. After Meaw licked and sucked my purple-headed womb broom, I finally sank my cock deep in her wet slit and blew a long-awaited load of jizz deep inside her inked mud-flaps.

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Creampie Thailand girl with Big boobs

Hunting Thai titties in Thai cities is the main objective! And if they're huge DIRTY PILLOWS, then I'm knocking over old ladies to get to them. Don't get in my way! I love me some FLOPPY FUN BAGS! If I can't find a nice pair to play with, I resort to a daily tug of war with Cyclops to satisfy my urges. But, if I'm lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of giant KNOCKERS, I'm grabbing my camera and filming the experience because my members deserve to enjoy it with me! Phoebi is 20 years old and is the horniest of horny girls. The minute you slide your cock into her silky pussy, she immediately responds with gasps and moans; she can't wait for you to really pump it into her hard and fast. As you thrust your cock faster and deeper into Phoebi's wet cunt, her arms wrap around you, holding you, and pulling you in as if her natural instincts kick in and say "give me your baby!" Well, that exactly what I did. After thoroughly enjoying her giant titties and fucking this wild nympho in multiple positions, I finally blasted my white seed deep into her receptive pussy.

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Asian teen with Big natural boobs receives creampie

Asian teen with Big natural boobs receives creampie

Asian teen with Big natural boobs receives creampieHey動画再生ボタン
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Creampie big ass Thai girl

Creampie big ass Thai girl

Creampie big ass Thai girlHey動画再生ボタン
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Air hostess gets creampied

Air hostess gets creampied

Air hostess gets creampiedHey動画再生ボタン
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Skinny girl fucked hard over kitchen table

Desperate for an afternoon nut, I decided to scope out Soi 6 in North Pattaya. As expected, the street was fully stocked with bareback princesses and their thirst for satang (Thai change). Depending on what end of the street you enter on, you don't have to walk far to be lured into a bar by a gorgeous girl. I was lusting for something tall and skinny and sure enough, a girl named Chailai swiftly jetted out to direct me her way. Chailai was leggy with a nice thin waist. I could sense she might be a condom-free whore so I was happy to oblige in her request to sit down for one drink. After a few minutes of the standard chit chat and bar girl questions, I asked if she wanted to make a sex video at my place for a few extra baht. It was bold, but she was beautiful and to my surprise, she agreed. Baan Creampie is my humble abode, and once inside, I asked Chailai to remove her sexy shorts, top, and panties. I then had her walk back and forth so I could ogle at just how skinny she was. As many of you know, I love fucking slim girls. Inside the members, you'll view screen caps 45, 52, and 59, where I fucked her scrawny frame in my favorite positions. You can't do that with every girl, but Chailai took my cock pounding like a champ. When I was ready to blow, I took Chailai to the bedroom and dumped my gooey gunk directly inside her little Asian cunt.

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Teenie Thai girl fucked and creampied by foreigner

Teen Wila has a tiny body and a tiny flawless box. She works in Pattaya and was quite the challenge to get her in front of a camera. Wila is quite shy、 which shows in a majority of the photos. She makes the weirdest face in each shot and it drove me crazy. Her body is so amazing and yet her face poses were just goofy. Her shyness finally frustrated me enough to the point of not giving a damn. So I started the video hoping her personality would change、 but it was pretty much the same situation. So I decided to just fuck her amazing body while ignoring her dopey face. I peered down at that perfect box and slammed my meat as deep and hard as I could. Finally my frustration was overcome by orgasm as I released my entire load deep inside Wila's teenage cunt.

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Skinny Thai teen gets creampie on sofa 無垢な美少女

作品名 Skinny Thai teen gets creampie on sofa
I have sex with skinny Thai teen on sofa and after I creampie her tiny little vagina.

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