TiTTiPORN Humping Honkers

So today I have a porn shoot with a studio famous for producing Thai porn videos. I was instructed to dress in a Coyote outfit but the top was way too small. My boobs were pressing up against the jean material and felt like they just wanted to bust out. I was scared that the button would pop off and kill somebody {hehe}. I don't know if the guy new my tits were this big because when I finally opened my top、 I think his eyeballs were going to pop out. He instantly got an erection which turned me on. I know my boobs impress many boys、 but when you really get to see their penises grow and stretch into full size boners、 it's a huge turn-on. So I guess that's my cue to start getting busy.After he fondled and played with my tits、 I was told to lie back on the bed. This guy apparently wanted to taste my pussy and I'm totally fine with that. His tongue dashed in and out of my pussy making me so horny and wet. Then it was my turn and ever since seeing his cock、 I couldn't wait to get it inside my mouth. I made sure to give his shaft the proper licking before engulfing his throbbing head and swirling my tongue around it. It was so hot and I could feel it pulse inside my mouth. It felt like he was about to cum but he didn't. I think he wanted to but sacrificed the blowjob to get more minutes into the scene. Or perhaps more minutes into me.Shortly after、 he finally slid his big cock directly into my soaked pussy. His heavy thrusts had me on fire and I loved every minute of it. Then he rolled over and I got on top. Time for me to be in control. I let my pussy sink down on his cock and rode it nice and slow feeling every inch of his manhood. His big hands palmed my cantaloupe sized tits、 mashing them together and over all squeezing my nipples. It's probably safe to say that he had his hands-full {lol}. Then he turned me over on all fours and entered my from behind. My pussy angled up for his cock to pound into and with each push my nipples would brush the bed sheet. I was in heaven and I'm quite sure he was too. Finally he turned me over one last time and entered me once again. I held my yams together and they jiggled with each stroke. Surely that view is enough to get any man off and that he did ...all inside me. No warning、 no permission、 just streams of warm musky cum being shot right into my belly. And you know what? I'm fine with that.


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